Drew Barrymore Begins Her GED Journey on Daytime Talk Show

Drew and her friend, RuPaul (a GED alum), will be doing a kickoff segment as part of today’s show. We encourage you to watch and share the news with everyone you know! We know that celebrities have the power to inspire others, and this is an excellent opportunity to have adult/GED learners featured on a national platform. This is a terrific way to amplify your program’s visibility and reach more prospective adult learners and the family members and friends who influence learners to take that first step. You can find show promos and segment clips on our social media channels starting this week using the hashtag #DrewBack2School. Twitter @GEDTesting Facebook @GEDTesting Instagram @GEDTesting.  


We encourage you to follow Drew’s journey and amplify the visibility it provides by sharing info on your personal—and as appropriate—your organizations’ social media channels.  


You can find out what time and what channel to watch the show here: https://www.thedrewbarrymoreshow.com/watch-on-tv 


You can follow all related posts and share your words of encouragement for Drew Barrymore and the “Back-to-School Crew” by using the hashtags #DrewBack2School and #DrewBarrymoreShow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  


We will keep you updated on future segments as we hear more, and we look forward to rooting for Drew with you! 


--Danielle Wilson 

GED Testing Service Director of Communications